Cnqar an augmented reality strategy game
Take over your city and conquar the world!

Conquar User Agreement

1. User information

Conquar will not pass on personal information from their players to Third Parties. Also we won't show you full lastname and e-mailaddress in the game or on the website.

2. Notifications

Conquar has the ability to send a game update message or notifications to their players when needed. This will apply for updates which contain game rules that have been changed or notifications for the gameplay.

3. The Game

Conquar doesn't allow cheaters in the game. Cheaters will get a penalty in form of reducing their armies, resetting their cities to not conquered with no armies or banning their account(s) to the game.

4. Layar

Conquar is not part of Layar and is not responsible for changes, errors or similar problems caused by the Augmented Reality Layar browser.

a game concept by C2K