Cnqar an augmented reality strategy game
Take over your city and conquar the world!


Conquer cities near you for your team. When you register an account, you will be placed in a Team (red, black, green, blue or yellow).

With your armies you can attack cities. When you have conquered a city you will receive one army per city per day more.

You can also strenghten your city by donating one of your armies to a city from your color.


  • Every 4 hours reinforcements will arrive.
    (calculation: cities / 2 + 10) round up
  • More than 10 armies will be shown as an tank.
  • You can earn extra armies by inviting friends.


  1. Search a city near you
  2. When the city is taken by your team then you can fortity the city with your armies.
  3. When the city is taken by another team, you can attack it!
  4. The attack will kill one army a time, so to kill 3 armies of a city, you have to at least attack the city three times.
  5. When you conquered a city it will become yours and you will earn more armies a day.
  6. You can now fortity the city.
a game concept by C2K